Monday, April 4, 2011

The End is Near!

I'll bet you thought I was talking about the end of the world...he! he!  The end of our massive remodeling project is very close!  We are having carpet laid today and grouting of the tile tomorrow.  Then all we need is the plumber to hook up the shower, toilet and sink.  WooHoo! 

I'm more than weary of the project.  It's definitely the biggest project we've tackled.  About five years ago, we gutted the kitchen and re-did it but it only took about a month.  This has been going on since October.  When we are all done, we will have the kids rooms remodeled with bigger closets, we will have a great big family room, teen cave, man hole, what-ever you want to call it!  We also have a new three and a half car garage, with a new circular drive and new landscaping and sidewalks.  I'm ready to start landscaping, that's my favorite part of any project!

I'm also so ready to get the kids back into real bedrooms.  I'm just about ready to move off and leave them four of the seven days of the week.  It's been really stressful for us all but my son has taken the biggest hit, he's been sleeping on his bed in the middle of the living room for a month and a half.....he needs his own room!

I feel really blessed that we have been able to do this project.  We almost started it a few times but then something would come up and we'd feel that it wasn't the right time.  My husband's company almost sold, I quit my full-time job, those types of things make you put the brakes on big-time remodeling.  What surprised me was no one asked us why we just didn't move!  We did look at it but we love where we live, we love the neighbors, we love the location.  We just needed a place for our teenagers to hang out away from us!

I have realized through this process that I could never build a house.  I just don't have the patience or desire.  I honestly don't care what the drawer pulls in the bathroom look like, I just want them to work.  My husband has been pretty good to let me choose colors, tile, etc.   He's learned over the years that it really means more to me in the long run than it does to him.

It's almost over! This time next week, everyone will be back where they are supposed to be! Yipee!

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