Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Facebook fatigue.....

I'm tired of the facebook drama....I'm serious!  I started using facebook about a year ago to keep up with people I went to school with.  It didn't take long for former students to start friending me and I found it was a great way to keep up with church friends and activities for my teenagers through the youth group site. 

I also seemed to be a magnet for people I never knew!  I got a bunch of those requests at the beginning...not so much anymore.  I guess the decided I was a grumpy, middle-aged woman who didn't need friends she didn't know. 

Speaking of friends I don't know, I'm pretty picky about who I friend and I don't mind de-friending people that I find weird or just weary.  I have de-friended former students because I found their posts weird....I don't care who they slept with or what their new sexual orientation is today....that's just too much information for an old lady!  I also don't like those 'I'm drunk facebook rants' or feel sorry for me, I've made some really bad choices rants....get over it and grow up already!

I also cull out the 'I'm a gay liberal so don't say anything that reveals your feelings about those topics' rants.  Alright, if you know me in anyway, you know that I'm a conservative, middle-aged woman, who leans green on environmental issues.  I'm also married to a man! surprise!  I will occasionally say things on facebook (and here) that reveal my feelings on issues.....I don't need you to chastise me or lash out at me because I dare to post my feelings!  Remember, you friended me!  I love a good debate, but taking me to task and tongue lashing me because my particular take on something doesn't mesh with your beliefs will find you one less friend.  I won't rake you over the coals for your weird beliefs, you leave me alone for mine! 

I don't know why some people feel they can be rude, condescending or just plain annoying in the printed word.  Most of the people who act like jerks on facebook don't have the guts to speak those words to someone face to face! 

I deleted a few people over the weekend again.  I'm sorry if it hurts your feelings.  I just don't want to know you anymore and just like in real life, if you become non-friendly, I will begin to distance myself from you until we break off contact, I am making a facebook break from you in facebook world.....it's not you, it's me.....no, it's you, I don't want to be your facebook friend or any friend anymore...you're just not friend material. 

Don't bother trying to re-friend me, it's like I used to tell old boyfriends.  You get one shot with me, you mess up, you're gone..... Life's too short to try to go backwards.....I'm moving on....I does amaze me that people know exactly how many friends they have so when someone de-friends them, they hunt down the person and begin badgering them to become friends again!  Really, really, do you think I defriended you by accident?  Really? 

I'm beginning to not enjoy facebook....too much high school drama...and I'm too old for high school.  

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