Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to Work!

Had a nice Thanksgiving week with the family.  We visited family and went to our last college football game of the season.  Our team didn't win but they and their fans were good losers and to me, that's what is all about.

As I sat at the football game with my two children around me, I began to wonder how we have gotten so crazed and fanatical as sports fans.  It seems that when you are in a sports stadium, everyday reason and common sense gets thrown out the window for insanity.  Grown men and even sometimes, women, act like jerks and worse. 

I remember as a child, we hosted a preacher in our home.  He was preaching our revival and he stayed with us over the weekend.  To say he was a big fan was an understatement.  I lost respect for the man when, as I child, I witnessed him kneeling down and praying to God for a win!  Even as a kid, I wondered if he truly believed that God cared about who won? 

Going to the games has been fun.  Most schools we've hosted have been very nice and good sports.  The men, dare I even call those boys that, have exhibited good sportsmanship whether winning or losing on both teams.  It is sad that just a few jerky fans can ruin an entire program.  This last game had jerky fans, no one else this season did.  I guess 9 out of 10 ain't bad!

We'll definitely go back next year.  It was a fun time with the entire family.  We reconnected with old friends by tailgating.  I hope my husband and I are showing our children how to win with grace and lose with dignity.  As a grown-up, I realize that it's only a game.  I wish more grown-ups did.....

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