Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm a Christian, I'm not Jesus Christ!

My post today may offend some, don't read it if it does.  I'm sorry but I'm just more than a bit miffed at people who try to put me up on a pedistal because I'm a practicing Christian.  It seems that they just stand around looking for the one time when I step out of line, never looking at most of the time when I'm out there doing good, so they can publically humiliate me by saying stupid sayings like 'Judge not, least you be judged' or 'way to turn the other cheek' or you fill in the blank if you've been there with me!

I do know that I'm not Jesus, I don't even pretend to be.  Follow me around for about five minutes and you'll quickly see that I'm not.  I know it, I know I'm not even close to being perfect.  I try to do what is right, to treat others the way I want to be treated, help out in the community through service and try to live my life like someone who has a wonderful gift of grace would love to share it with anyone willing to listen.

But I do get angry, upset, hurt, say bad words sometimes, lie and do all those other things that every human on the face of the planet is also guilty of.  It doesn't make me less christian, it certainly hurts my witness sometimes, but I'm still a child of God because He doesn't expect me to be perfect.  If He did, He would not have given His son's life to pay for my crummy sins. 

I have to take a deep breath sometimes when that tiny, little person starts in on me when I've messed up.  Usually, they need more prayer than anyone and it seems they enjoy pointing out that I've messed up so now they can say Christians are just as sinful as they are.  Yes, yes, we are.  Some of us are more sinful than most.  But that doesn't make us less Christians. 

There, I've posted my rant for the week. I know it won't help those certain people who like to find fault in everyone so they can feel better about themselves. But it made me feel better!

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