Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mother Daughter Date Night!

My daughter and I traveled to Tulsa last night to see the musical Wicked.  I splurged this year and bought season tickets for the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.  I really love live theater but haven't been able to since the kids have been born to see more than one performance a year.  This year, my kids have decided that soccer is not for them and honestly, I am extremely happy!  It sure leaves a lot of time to do other things!

We started our night with a hair appointment.  It was a real luxury that I didn't plan!  It just happened that I made the appointments and then realized that it was the same night of Wicked!  It was so very, very nice to not have to worry about my hair all day long.  I just had to pick out something to wear. 

We then went and ate at Olive Garden.  We were hoping to eat sushi but our restaurant was closed on monday.  Oh well, Olive Garden is my daughter's second favorite restaurant.  We shared an entree because we had our eyes on the prize.....dessert!  We don't normally get dessert out but this was a special night!  Of course, it was chocolate!

Wicked was terrific!  It was really special to see and hear my daughter laugh with her eyes all lit up!  She is finally old enough to sit through the entire performance and understand the dialogue and songs.  I'm hoping that I'm growing up a child that loves live theatre as much as I do! 

She's already made a play for the next performance because it's ballroom dancing.  I'm sure my husband doesn't care!  I think I'll let her chose who takes her, it may be time for a daddy-daughter date.  She loves those too! It is important to take your child by themselves out occasionally.  You can talk without distractions and without their siblings you sometimes see a different child.

I'm planning to take my son to the Aluminum show later in the season.  They beat on aluminum, maybe not my favorite, but I'll bet he likes it and I'll enjoy spending time just with him.  Yep, these may be the best tickets I've purchased in a long, long time!

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