Friday, September 10, 2010

First Cool Weather!

Soup, soup, how I love soup! I seriously could eat soup everyday.  Now that I'm home during the day, I usually do eat soup once a day, either for lunch or dinner.  This last week, we finally had our first little brush with cool, fall weather.  It was soooo exciting because it was also the first football game for our town's high school.  I decided it would be a soup night!

My daughter and a friend were going to the game so I invited the family over to chow on soup and salad before the game.  I made a southwestern chicken and rice soup.  To be honest, it was a chance to use some leftovers as that is what I use soup for mostly, to repurpose leftovers into something I like to eat!  I had some chicken broth in the freezer that needed to be used, a couple of grilled chicken breasts and some leftover rice from a meal earlier in the week.  I dumped it all in, added a can of rotel, some frozen corn, spices and a can of Campbells Fiesta Cheese soup.  I love that stuff!  Adds just the right amount of cheesy flavor without overwhelming the entire dish.  I cooked it all in my big crockpot and served it with a green salad and homemade bread.  We ate until we couldn't move!  It was a good thing to send them off to a chilly football game.  Their stomachs filled with warm, homemade soup. 

I love fall!

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