Thursday, September 16, 2010

Turkey Apple Paninis

Tonight I'm making sandwiches for dinner.  I make sandwiches a lot for dinner.  I've had people tell me they don't like homemade sandwiches.  When I press them, I find out they mean white bread, meat and mustard/mayo sandwiches! Yuck! I don't like those much either.  It has gotten very pricey for our family to even grab a sandwich out.  My son can eat a footlong of whatever and by the time you add drinks and chips, it's usually at least twenty dollars for a sandwich meal!  I can make steak at home for that!

When I make sandwiches at home, I make them like we get when we order out.  My son's friends think I'm the sandwich queen.  Pretty high praise for fourteen year old boys!  Well, tonight, since I'm hoping to transition to fall sometime soon even though it's still ninety degrees outside, I'm thinking apples.  Turkey apple paninis to be exact.  Slap a fancy name like panini on it and my family lines up to eat!

I don't have a panini maker.  I don't need another kitchen gadget that's difficult to clean and store.  I just use a heated up iron skillet that I've had over twenty years and bought it used at an auction.  Love that skillet, it's like using a nonstick pan.  I simply heat it over a seperate burner and slap it on top of the grilled sandwiches while I cook them.  The only thing my paninis don't have is grill stripes and that's ok because my daughter thinks they are burn stripes anyway!

Turkey Apple Panini
Makes 4 - 1 for each of us

split hoagie rolls - 4
apple butter
honey mustard
deli turkey
provolone or cheddar cheese
very thinly sliced apple, like a gala or fuji

On the bottom of the hoagie rolls, spread a mixture of apple butter and honey mustard to taste.  I don't like much, the rest of the family likes a lot.
On top of that, place the sliced turkey and then the apples and cheese.  Top with the top of the hoagie bun.
Melt a tablespoon of butter in a large skillet and grill the hoagies until brown.  Flip over and place a heated skillet on top or you can cook in a panini griller!

Serve with carrots and ranch dressing or if would ever get cold outside, tomato soup!  

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