Thursday, June 23, 2011

Almost back to normal...

Well, the house is quiet again.  One child is home from camp, the other comes home tomorrow.  We've had a steady stream of company since June 10th!  It's been wild around here! 

I got to visit with my best friend, she came down for a few days while my kids were at camp.  My husband would have gone out of town for the duration but I think he promised the other husband and that he would stay and 'supervise'!  We're kind of like Lucy and just never know what we'll do!  We did lay out in the sun by the pool and burned our would think that two middle aged women, with college educations and kids would have better sense than to lay out all day!  Oh no! We burned ourselves to crisps!  But it was a fun, fun kids to bother us, no snacks or lunches to make, no laundry....just us laying out.  On second thought, it might have been better had we gotten up a few times!

My daughter came home from working at camp this week.  She was a server and she's oh so tired tonight.  I was proud of her because even though the teens 'in charge' of the group turned out to be really bad at being in charge, she took it like a Christian lady....her mother would probably not have taken it with as much grace. She can teach me a lot sometimes.

My son comes home tomorrow from a leadership camp.  I've been praying that he learns and grows a lot.  I am anxious to hear about his time....I've only spoken to him once the entire week and that's because I called yesterday to make sure he was still alive!  I guess it's a good thing, no news is good news at camp!  My daughter called several times to have someone to gripe too....she didn't want anyone at camp to know what a rotten time she was having.  She finally did start having a better time when she stopped worrying about trying to be perfect and just do her best. 

This weekend will be wild and then hopefully, all will settle down!  I'm hosting families from three different continents this weekend, malaysia, austrailia, and england!  I'm cooking good-old American fare, that's what was requested.  My menu will be a fusion of several types of dishes....appetizer is chips and homemade salsa, main dish, grilled chicken with pasta with vodka cream sauce, brushetta and bread, green beans, sliced cucumbers and a green salad.  I'm making hummingbird cake and tiramisu for desserts.  I'll be sharing some of the recipes this next week!

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