Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Too hot to cook!

Well, we've had a hot spell in Oklahoma and it looks like we're in for a long, hot spell!  I'm glad I've got my watering systems running so I don't have to constantly drag hoses all over....now I just have to water the potted plants every night!  I set my zones on timers to come on early morning and water so I don't have too.  It saves me so much time and my plants and garden thanks me!

Looks like it is going to be a lean tomato year this year because of the heat.  When the nights are over 85 degrees, tomatoes don't set fruit well.  I have about 15 tomatoes on 20 plants!  Not good odds but nothing I can do.  My okra is going great though and my eggplant likes hot weather also! 

When the days get over 100 degrees, I really have a hard time getting motivated to cook.  I hosted families from England and Australia last weekend and cooked for 13.  I had work ladies and kids over Monday and made lunch for 12.  I'm kind of burned out now.  It's too hot to cook so I look for easy no-cook or low cook meals.  Salads and sandwiches fit the bill.   I absolutely refuse to turn on the oven...not so with my son. He's on the bad list right now because I came home and he had cooked a frozen pizza in the oven so the air conditioner is running!  We have a convection oven!  USE IT!!!!!

He also is on the bad list because all his and his buddies dirty dishes are all over.....that will be remedied soon.
I don't clean up after him, he's almost 15, he knows where the dishwasher is! 

Back to dinner, tonight, we are having a chilled pasta salad.  I've got some leftover crab salad from the luncheon so I'm going to toss it with cooked rotini pasta and add a light ranch dressing.  I've got cucumbers from the garden and I'm calling it dinner! 

Tomorrow night, we're having grilled chicken taco salad.  I grilled extra chicken on Saturday so I have plenty in the freezer for at least three or four meals.  It really does get too hot to grill in Oklahoma!  I usually grill early in the day from now until about mid-September....I get tired of my face melting off standing over that hot grill!

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