Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How Green Grows the Lilac!

The play Green Grow the Lilacs was written in the 30's by Lynn Riggs.  He was from Claremore!  It was eventually adapted into the musical 'Oklahoma' by Rodgers and Hammerstein.  They were not from Oklahoma but I'm glad they made Oklahoma one of the most famous musicals ever to grace Broadway!  We have a small museum downtown Claremore that gives tribute to Lynn Riggs.  It's pretty cool to visit.

We actually have several famous people that grew up in this town or around the countryside in Rogers County.  The most famous is probably Will Rogers.  My kids used to love to visit the free musuem because it has an awesome play area downstairs in the basement and we spent many a rainy afternoon tucked away underground. 

Getting back to lilacs, which is where this post is supposed to be going, mine are in full bloom as we speak!  They are prettier this year than any year I can remember.  My Grandma Shaw used to say, 'the colder the winter, the prettier the lilacs!'  She said they liked cold weather.  I always thought she just said that so she could stand a cold winter thinking about how pretty her flowers would be!  Both my grandmas loved flowers and I have many cuttings and starts in my yard now that came from them.  It's funny, both of them passed away years ago, but every spring when I see the forsythia bush and lilacs in full bloom, I think of them. 

Have you ever eaten some spring blooms?  Each year about this time, I make a spring salad and put some edible blooms in it.  My kids love it, my husband not so much.  He tolerates salads and is doing better than when we first married about eating them, but adding flowers is maybe pushing him too far!  I put chive blossoms, redbud blooms and pansies in the salad and dress it with a little vinegarette.  Makes me happy just looking at those pretty blooms and they taste pretty good too!  There are a bunch of non-edible blossoms that will make you sick so do an internet search for edible flowers if you want to suprise someone with a special spring salad.  

Don't eat the lilacs, just smell them and hum 'Oklahoma'!


  1. "There's a bright golden haze on the meadow..."

  2. Love that song, love that musical! I may just have to rent that this weekend!

  3. I love lilacs! My grandma LaBass has one planted out front of the house here and I look forward to it blooming every year! Such a good sign spring is here! Great quote from Grandma Shaw..I will remember that :)