Thursday, April 15, 2010

When I Grow Up!

“You know mom, when you grow up, you should open a sandwich shop!” This came out of my almost fourteen year old sons mouth the other day between bites of his very large hoagie I had made him for lunch. Now there are several things wrong with that sentence. Firstly, the part about ‘when I grow up’. I think I’m pretty much fully grown. All five foot three inches, one hundred fifteen pounds of me. It’s not much but I’m pretty sure the only growing I may be doing in the next few years will be out and down as I begin to morph into a perimenopausal middle-aged woman. I have already had several careers too. I have been a cashier, a secretary and a teacher to name a few. I also have completed college. I’m pretty sure I’m as grown-up as I’m going to get!

Secondly, opening a sandwich shop is not something I have ever dreamed about doing. Don’t get me wrong, I like to cook and do a darn good job of it. I could probably do a catering and party business because I am a very good party planner. But a sandwich shop? Nope. Can’t see me doing that!

After I picked myself up of my completely clean floor, I had just mopped, I had to consider the source. To a fourteen year old boy , food is pretty much the only thing he thinks about. Well, maybe food and girls. I don’t need to go into that. TMI for the mom! My son has friends that I think just come over to eat. And to those boys, I am the Sandwich Queen. I make a mean hoagie, wrap or panini. I can take orders; do you want black olives or roasted red peppers on that? What kind of cheese, cheddar, provolone, swiss or munster? Ham, turkey or beef? You see, I keep all the fixings for a great sandwich in the fridge. That’s my secret, I keep a sub shop in my fridge. Doesn’t take much to impress a fourteen year old boy......


  1. I'm so glad you have this have such a great talent for making even the simple things...FUN!!!

  2. Thanks! My daddy always says, 'if don't laugh, you may cry...laughing is much more fun!' Sometimes when I get so bogged down, I think about that and just start laughing and laughing, I usually feel a lot better!