Thursday, April 1, 2010

Practical Jokes

I don't like practical jokes. I don't like them at all. I think people who pull them are more than slightly twisted. Spending all the time it takes to think them up and actually set the plan in motion is a waste of good energy in my book.

I think what I really don't like about practical jokes is the look on the other persons face when they've realized they've been had. It is a look of sorrow. They trusted you and you lied to them to get a laugh. I don't trust people who pull practical jokes. It's like tickling someone until they cry.

April fools day has never been a holiday that I've ever celebrated in my house. If you know anything about me, that says a lot about how much I despise practical jokes. I celebrate everything! My parents used to tell us that we were late for school or something silly that day. We never fell for it. I tried that on my kids one year, they didn't fall for it either.

I had a class one time that wanted to pull a prank on me even though I said time and time again not to do that. I walked into my classroom one day as the bell was ringing and my entire room, my desk, my computer, my chair, their chairs were all turned around in the opposite direction. I had only been patrolling the hallways for five minutes! Unluckily for them, it had been a day from hell. I had broken up a fight, a parent called me and cussed me out for not sending a progress report home ( I had, the darling teenager had taken it out of the mailbox the parent found out later), another teacher was talking about me behind my back and a student tattled to me, it went on and on. This was last period and I was in no mood for a joke. I walked into the class and looked around and calmly stated, 'I will give you another five minutes to get my room back into order before I come unhinged right here and now' and walked out into the hall. You could've heard a pin drop in that classroom! I don't know how they did it but silently they got it all back in order!

When I went back into the room, they all apoligized over and over. I explained that it had been the worse day on record and was not in the mood. We all had a good laugh about it and years later they still rib me about that day! They truly thought I was going to walk back in and kill each and everyone of them in a painful way!

Did I tell you, I don't like practical jokes?

Have a Happy April Fool's Day! and that is no joke!

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