Monday, December 6, 2010

Frugal Teachers Gifts

As you already know, I'm pretty frugal.  I like to get a deal and I really like to be able to pass it on.  Since I'm a teacher, I'm pretty confident in getting gifts for my kids teachers.  My son is easy, I'm his teacher! I'll find me some good chocolate!

Let me say this once.....MOST teachers do not want an apple themed gift! I'm sure out there somewhere in teacher land, there is this one teacher, who still wears jumper dresses, that adores apple gifts and has her house decorated in them.  She probably even dresses her cat, that's the only thing that will live with her, in apple costumes! OK, OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.  I've been told that I do that.  My husband and best friend used to call me the 'exaggerator' because I would make the number a bit bigger to make the story better.  Like instead of ten worms in the salad, I would say ten million worms! Hey, it wasn't a lie, it just made the story more exciting!

Anyway, I think I'm pretty good at teacher gifts.  I've given gift cards to coffee shops, sonic (teachers love happy hour) and even walmart.  Those are always appreciated, but since I'm also frugal, I like getting something I would love at a great price and gifting someone.  This year, I purchased expensive coffee travel mugs at a very discounted price.  They were only $1.50 each because they were father's day cups.  The bottom was removable to put a picture of you and your dad inside.  I took out the liner and replaced it with really cool black and white wrapping paper and 'presto' I have very expensive looking coffee mugs on the cheap.  Teachers do dig coffee travel mugs because they keep that morning coffee hot until you can make it back to the teachers lounge for a refill!  I filled each with hot cocoa, tea bags and chocolate bars.  Everything a teacher needs for a day on the job!

My husband made fun of me in August when I came up carrying an armload of father's day mugs and my daughter was they think they look great and my daughter is wanting to take them monday to give away!  Total cost for four teachers gifts,.....under $6, including the stuff inside. 

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