Monday, December 27, 2010

Why Are Women Responsible For Pictures?

Dumb question....why is it that in every family I know, the woman is solely responsible for organizing the pictures of the family?  I guess I'm just cranky now that Christmas is over and I know I've got a week of taking down to do.  I don't like to organize pictures.  Never have.  I don't make cute little scrapbooks.  I called my kids baby books 'guilt in a box'. 

I like to look at pictures and I'm glad that over the years, I have always spent time to put each and every picture into an album.  Our entire married life is categorized in chronological order.  My daughter can pull out 1997 and look at her cute face.  She can pull the book titled 2008 and look at our family trip to Hawaii with my entire side of the family.  My husbands family doesn't do group trips.  They don't do much of anything together but we have pictures of birthday dinners and Christmas get-togethers.  My mother-in-law is really good about making the kids scrapbooks and she keeps adding to them each year.  I'm not.  I don't like it.

I'm spending time today, hours actually, downloading pictures, uploading pics onto a website and trying to order pics to place in the albums.  I know that my kids appreciate that I spend this time doing this.  I just wish that it was something someone else had to do.  I'd rather be plucking my eyebrows!

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