Saturday, October 9, 2010

Helping others...

Sometimes I look around and realize that my life has been so easy compared to others.  Don't get me wrong, I've been dealt bad deals over the years that literally knocked the wind out of me.  I had to crawl to the corner and regroup before I headed back out into life.  But I've never been completely knocked out.  I've never dealt with the death of a child or the loss of a parent.  It is inevitable that one of those things will happen in my life.  I think we are programed to accept the death of a parent, they are older than you. 

But it's not supposed to the other way around.  You're not supposed to lose a child.  You're supposed to watch as your child grows up and goes out on their own.  You're supposed to be there when they graduate college, get married and hold your first grandbaby.  You're not supposed to plan a funeral for your child, they are supposed to plan yours.

And yet, sometimes, God choses to take them home.  I had to read about Samuel in the bible again today.  I had to remind myself that the child belongs to God and that we are just the privilege to 'raise' them. 

I can't imagine the feeling of losing a child and ,quite honestly, I hope I never do.  All I can do if offer my support and my prayers to those who have to face this terrible crisis.  But one thing I do know, with the support of God and our little community, those going through this will not be going through it alone.

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