Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sickies at my house!

Well, it's been sprite and chicken noodle soup for my two kids at my house today.  They aren't quite sick enough to stay home and not do school but they just aren't up to normal.  I have suspended all afterschool activites, dance, etc until everyone gets rest and recuperated.  We have fall break this week and I want everyone well so we can celebrate!

I'm really sad this year because, since we're building and our yard is a mess, that we are not going to have our traditional halloween bonfire and party.  I started a few years ago when the kids decided that they were too old to trick-or-treat.  The first year, halloween was on a friday night so it was perfect.  Last year, my daughter wanted to trick-or-treat so we just had the party on a friday again.  This year, since it's on a sunday night, I guess it's not so bad.  Next year, we'll have another blow-out party. 

I like decorating the house for holidays.  Every holiday!  I've got the pumpkins, the gourds, the spider webs out.  I guilted my daughter last night into helping me put the rest of our stuff out. 

One of my favorite quick desserts this time of year is caramel pudding.  It's super easy and uses up the last of the milk that's close to the use by date.

Caramel pudding

1 box of cook and serve vanilla pudding (do not use instant)
1/4 cup marzettis caramel dip for apples

When you've finished cooking the pudding, stir in the caramel dip and pour into four indivual cups.  let cool until warm.  Easy and quick and the kids love it!

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