Thursday, January 6, 2011

Days are Getting Longer!

I swear the days are already getting longer!  The sky stays pinker and pinker each night.  As my seed catalogs start arriving, I begin to hallucinate about spring.  It's a gardeners mind-game we play.  We can already see the daffodils and green onions sprouting and it's the first week of january!

I know that we'll probably have several days of snow and ice here in Oklahoma yet.  We've not seen any so far this year and only an okie fool would think that we won't be seeing any!  But as I look out my front window at the bright sunshine and the many variations of brown on the landscape, I just know that spring is out there.  I see a bright blue male bluebird checking out the house my husband has put up for him.  He's thinking spring.  He's thinking girl.  Maybe we'll have little bluebird eggs in that house in a couple of months. 

About the time the daffodils begin peeking up......

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