Friday, January 14, 2011

High Maintenance - Not!

I have never been high maintenance.  I think I'm just too lazy. Plus, it really doesn't matter how much I work, it always seems that I look the same.  My hair is fine and it and I decided a long time ago that we just couldn't get along.  Even the two sides of my head can't seem to get it together, lets just say, feathered hair never quite looked feathered. 

I finally decided this week why I'll never be high maintenance.  It just boils down to I am too lazy and have better things to do! Like play with my kids, go outside and play with the dog, scrub the toilet!  I was having a conversation about the best kind of makeup.  This person was explaining all the steps they take to apply makeup each morning.  As they continued to explain, my mind began to wander.  How many steps did she take just to apply the foundation?  What in the world is a primer?  Is that like Kilz?  I buy that at walmart to paint on stains before I paint the walls!  Apparently, there is a primer you are supposed to apply to your face between the lotion and the foundation! Well, that's why I don't look so good each morning.  I just slap on some Olay lotion and some Olay tinted moisturizer and go fix my kids breakfast!

I'm sure if I was as rich as Oprah, I would be more high maintenance.  I'd have my hairdresser, Cassandra, come over each day and fix my hair.  I'd have her put some primer on my face too.  Doesn't really look like I'm ever going to be as rich as Oprah anytime soon.  I'd honestly rather do anything than stand in front of the mirror and primp myself up.  I don't like disappointment and if I stood more than ten minutes fixing myself, I'd surely be disappointed.  I'd still look like me and I wasted all that time! 

I'd rather plaster a smile on my face with maybe a little lipstick and call it a day!

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