Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gonna wash that gray right out of my hair!

I am about three weeks from going back to my hairdresser for a cut and color and BOY do I need it!  Now I've said earlier, I'm not a high maintenance woman but it is becoming very obvious that I need to see Cassandra a bit more than maybe the every couple of months that I go. 

I'm really tempted to just go and buy some temporary hair color and just color it today.  But I know that if I do, something will go wrong and then I'll have some 'splaining' to do as Ricky used to say to Lucy!  I've spent many, many appointments apologizing for doing something stupid to my hair.  I've given myself highlights that ended up looking like Marilyn Monroe cast-offs.  I cut my bangs more times than I can count.  The list goes on and on.  I'm sure Cassandra breaths a sigh of relief when she sees me coming without a hat on for my cut and color!

I'm beginning to see a lot more gray than I had a few years ago.  I am absolutely sure that sunlight must cause gray hairs.  If I part my hair on the other side of my head, there is not nearly as many gray hairs but, alas, I can't part it on the other side because I have a stupid cow lick that won't allow it! 

I guess I should find the silver lining (no pun intended....well, maybe just a little pun!) in having more gray hair.  My gray hair is thicker and it has more body.  My young person hair is fine.  So now, I have very fine hair that doesn't have any body to it mixed in with this new older person hair that is wanting to stand on end!  It's just an interesting combination to say the least! 

Oh well, I'm just going to keep it shoulder length so I can pull it back into a ponytail or bun and let the hair go wild!  At least I have hair my husband says, as he has lost a large portion of his! 


  1. I absolutely love reading your blog posts. It makes me feel like I am back being your aide as a senior in high school!

  2. No one has ever said, I am boring or I run out of strange stories! he!he! thanks!