Monday, January 24, 2011

January Doldrums...

I'm tired of January!  I'm in the dumps and everyone else around me is too.  We're grumpy because we're cold and it seems that the fun of Christmas left us about six months ago.... The weather is not helping the mood at my house!  Even Kate the big, black dog has taken to laying in her heated doghouse instead of chasing the birds and squirrels.

We need February!  I need hearts and chocolate and cherry pie!  It seems that February around my house is the month to eat.  While January is my month to do some of the things that I hate to do, like dust the top of the china cabinet, oil the woodwork in the hallways.  Yuck!  I need to come up with something fun and exciting to do in january!  While February has valentines day, mardi gras and President's day (think cherry pie, people), January has Martin Luther King jr day and the super bowl.  Big woop!  Those are not good days....MLK day is a day off from school but mostly it's just parades and oftentimes it snows.  The super bowl is on Sunday night! What good party have you ever had on a Sunday night?  I'm not in college anymore, I do have to get up on Monday morning, get everybody out the door and get to work!

Of course, January is fudge month for me so that's a highlight!   Maybe I'm just on a chocolate downer right now....but it just seems that the month of January is a big let down! I'll be thinking to come up with a great reason to have a holiday or party in January.....because right now, I'm just ready for February!

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