Monday, January 17, 2011

Years ago, I worked for a small, private school.  I loved the other teachers and kids, we were kind of like a big family.  I taught fifth through eighth grade science and math.  After a few years, it got really hard to see kids graduate from eighth grade because I had been their teacher for three years!  They didn't want to go and we, teachers, didn't want them to go.

I realized that the only way I could be a successful teacher was to see those kids go off to high school.  How could I hold them back from achieving their potential?  As my kids grow older and older, I can see how becoming a parent is very much like being a teacher.  If I don't let them grow and go, I will never be a successful parent.  They have to be able to stretch and grow, learning new things, experiencing new experiences and I have to be able to let them.

It's really hard, especially as they are getting old enough to be doing a lot of things without me.  I keep reminding myself that these two kids, who were gifts to begin with, do not belong to me.  They belong to my creator and I've just been incredibly blessed to be a part of their lives.  I can't hold them back because of my fear for them.  I have to let them soar!

So I bite my tongue when they want to try something that I wouldn't do.  I bite my tongue when they like things that I don't really like.  I need to let them become their own persons, not a miniature me.  I am sure that they will be successful adults.  I am proud of them, so very proud.  I just hope I can guide and not control my children.

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