Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Exercise, oh my!

I'm not sure but I think my muscles are slowly atrophying as I type this! It was a nice day today so I thought I'd take the kids to the park and let them bike for exercise while I walked the dog for exercise. I'm thinking that if we don't as a family get more exercise, we'll start looking like the kid in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You know, the one that gets stuck in the pipe?

Well, anyway, I'm thinking the dog will walk with me and I'll get a little exercise. This dog, who I named Kate, was a stray that showed up back in the fall at my in-laws house. I was feeling out of control with my life and suggested that we take her and find her owner. Long story short, I found out I'm not a no-dog person like I thought I was, I'm just a Large Dog Person! I like having a dog as big as me apparently!

So I'm walking a dog who is as big as me, well, I'm not really walking her, mainly just being drug. I fantasized about riding in a cart behind her, maybe I could get into the iditerod. No, I don't like to be cold... Maybe next time, I'll wear my in-lines, then my son can drive me to the emergency room after I've been drug for several miles. I'm not going to my doctor, I get tired of telling him all the stupid things I've done to get hurt! He actually looks forward to my visits, I think he must be blogging about me somewhere on the internet. He'll probably write a book about stupid things he's seen and I'll be his number one patient.

Kate stops at every tree, which is a good thing because this gives me a chance to catch my breath. I began to wonder, why don't dogs step in dog poo? This is because I stepped in it and she didn't. She certainly didn't miss an opportunity to smell every pile she found but not once did she step into the dog poo.

Finally, the kids were worn out and so was I, Kate however, was not ready to go but I bribed her by letting her sit on the back seat instead of in the floor. Hey, it's my husbands truck I think what the heck! I'll be dead by tomorrow anyway! Back into the car but only after I did the "I have dog poop on my shoe dance", which is to go around in circles on the grass dragging my foot. But only after checking the area for more poop. My shoes are now in the garage.

Now hours later, I'm beginning to feel like I got a cardio workout with weight training all combined. My legs feel like rubber and my arms are hurting as I type. I don't think tomorrow will be good......

I think I'll crawl up to bed now....

Remember you blessings!


  1. Watch "The Dog Whisperer" and be the Pack Leader, so your dog won't think he is. Shouldn't people should carry baggies and pick up after their dogs?

  2. she's normally really obedient, I think the kids being on bikes really freaked her out! She wanted to keep up with them and keep us all around her so she could keep an eye on us. And yes, people should pick up after their dogs....my shoes would definitely be happier!