Monday, January 18, 2010

Spring where are you?

Well, this week in Oklahoma we're having a heat wave! It is has been almost 60 degrees and will not freeze all week. I love Oklahoma weather because the only time it's really unbearable is the month of August. The rest of the year is typically mild.

Nothing is better than a 60 degree day in January!It's like God is giving us a little gift to remind us that He's still in control. Mild weather gets my gardener going and I start pouring over my seed catalogs deciding what I'll be planting this year. Last year's garden was so bad that I'm really looking forward to starting over. My best produce didn't come until September. It was a really weird year in Oklahoma! I'm hoping not to repeat that again.

I'm also getting my soil tested. Our local extension office will test the soil for very little money and that will help my yields quite a bit. If you are thinking about starting a garden this year whether to save a bit of money or to eat healthy organic food, I recommend getting your soil tested and a book called 'square foot gardening'. I used it for years until we moved to a four acre yard and I still use a modified version for my current garden.

I'll post more about big batch cooking tomorrow, today I just couldn't get myself motivated to write about anything but the weather!

Going outside to soak up some vitamin D!


  1. I just happened upon your blog this afternoon! It looks like a great blog, so I have bookmarked it and will come and visit when I can find time. I live in not too far down the road. I volunteer for a coupon site here in town...I am their "Freebie Princess"! I like the idea of your big batch cooking, even tho the kids have flown the coop! I am a Cajun by birth, and come from a family that uses many sayings, too! Grew up hearing, "Pretty is as pretty does", too! Thanks for sharing your recipes...have already copied down 2 of them today. Enjoy this beautiful day! Anna Marie

  2. HA! I forgot that I found your blog from the link you left on the other coupon site! DUH! I got to reading and "cooking" with you and totally forgot what I had been doing before! So you may already "know" me from that site...

  3. for those who don't know the site it's I've tried and tried to put a link on here but can't seem to get it done. Technology is something that I just tolerate, not embrace!