Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rainy Saturdays are my favorite!

As I'm sitting here in my living room looking out the window watching the rain, I am thinking just how blessed I am. I have two wonderfully talented, smart and Christian children and an equally wonderful, smart and Christian husband. I have a warm home to stay out of the rain in and a completely fantastic hand-me-down rocking chair from my mom to sit my behind in!

I am equally blessed to be multi-tasking without so much effort that it took even 25 years ago. At this moment, I am washing a load of laundry, drying a load of laundry, cooking 5 lbs. of ground beef in my slow-cooker and baking a spaghetti casserole I made several weeks ago and froze for just such an occasion. I am also typing on my laptop computer! Man, I am a busy woman.

I sometimes have to give myself a moment of reflection to remind myself how many ways God has blessed me because I often get bogged down in the day-to-day stuff and forget. It becomes mind blowing to me that I get unhappy with my situation when I already have so much more than most of the world!

I think we, as Americans, get too wrapped up in 'getting more' and don't stop to realize that all this stuff is just owning us. Instead of running around getting stuff, I should just sit and look at all the stuff I've been given. A beautiful family that actually loves me, a wonderful church full of with friends, a great town, 4 acres of land to grow flowers and food, an education, and the list goes on and on.

I challenge you to stop and look around you at the beauty God has given us. You can't buy any of that in a store!

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