Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heathly eating habits II cont...

These will be the last in the series of eating healthy, losing weight for a while, I promise!

9. Stop drinking diet pop. If it has aspartame in it, that actually causes you to crave sweet things. It doesn't satisify that sweet tooth like sugar so you want to have more. Drink unsweet tea or sweeten with stevia, or water, or green tea. Don't drink more than one 6 oz. juice in a day, eat a piece of fruit instead. It will fill you up. No on has ever gotten fat eating fruit, but some have drinking it!

10. Eat the real thing! Take for instance peanut butter. Have you read your label in the pantry? Most peanut butter contains all sorts of stuff along with the peanuts. So when you make that sandwich, you have to pile on the peanut butter so you can taste the nuts. Natural peanut butter only has nuts and maybe salt. You don't need nearly as much to get a real peanut taste. So by using less but getting the same flavor, you are saving fat and calories. The same with cheese and lunchmeat. Buy the best you can afford and you won't need much for that sandwich, again saving fat and calories. Treat yourself to the best in nutrition, you deserve it!

11. Start a garden in the spring. You will burn calories, eat better, and save money in one swoop! Grow stuff you like! It doesn't need to be a large garden, my first one was on our apartment balcony. My husband knew I needed a house when it began to look like a jungle, but the neighbors liked the tomatoes!

Lastly, I want everyone to know that our society just needs to step back and give everybody a little break. We can't all be super models, not that I want to look like that! God made each of us a size and shape unique to us. We need to take care of what He gave us to the best of our ability but we really get too freaked out about outward appearances.

So I guess my advice is to work on your outside this year, but also, work on your inside too. Work on blessing other people. My grandma used to say, 'pretty is as pretty does'. Some of the prettiest people I know aren't necessarily the best to look at but once you get to know them, they are beautiful to be around!

Remember to bless someone today!

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