Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Waiting for the blizzard!

I know I said I would post more healthy eating tips today but, well, you know, it might snow so I had to pre-empt it! I'll post more tomorrow, I promise. At least I don't have that annoying display at the bottom of the screen like they do on tv! That drives 'the man' in the house crazy because they switch out of HDTV to show it and it covers up the score!

Well, I'm here, in the house waiting for the blizzard that's supposed to hit tonight. My son and I have loaded enough wood on the back porch to get us through nice and toasty. My daughter is happily awaiting a snow day that probably won't come. I've promised to play monopoly on the first snow day, since it takes all day to play, that's the only time I devote a day to it! My husband will get roped into playing too, because he can't get out of the driveway if it gets too bad. We're all stuck together!

It always cracks me up when we are supposed to get winter weather. The weather people completely come unhinged! When you live in Oklahoma there are very few times when snow, sleet, ice, etc, actually stays on the roads for more than a few days, hours sometimes! The weather people get up whipped into a froth for a dusting. I think the dairy and toilet paper producers give the weather people a kick-back for making up panic! Maybe they get free toilet paper and milk for the season for each run at the grocery store. I remember when I worked for a small grocery store in college and it wouldn't take but the mention of snow and we'd sell out all the tp and milk! People acted like we'd be snowed in for weeks!

I do have to give it to the road people, they do their best. An Oklahomans idea of clearing the roads is two guys in the back of a pickup truck shoveling out sand! So a couple of inches is enough to keep everybody in the house but that guy with the four-wheel drive and he ends up in the ditch because he doesn't know how to drive in snow.

Don't get me wrong, I love Oklahoma snow. One or two days of the stuff and then it gets 60 degrees and melts it all away. Except this time, we've had snow around since Christmas eve. My daughter told me today she was tired of all the dirty snow laying around. It looked kind of like after we open all the Christmas gifts with all the sad paper laying around the room. I thought it was very profound for an 11 year old! This snow has outworn it's welcome! Time to either get melting or get some more snow so it's not dirty. Snow's kind of like that house guest, the first few days are fun but after a while, we're ready for them to hit the road!

I'll keep you posted on what happens with our big blizzard, I'm only bummed because if it comes too soon, I'll have to cook dinner tonight instead of eating at church! We eat at church on Wednesdays and I sure look forward to it. Makes me feel like we're eating out, except it's only $12 for the entire family. Can't eat anywhere for that price and it is really good.

Speaking of that, I made my menu for January today. I declared this month, eat out of the freezer and pantry month. That will help us recover from Christmas bills and eat some stuff that needs to be cleared out. I'll keep you posted on how we are doing. My goal is to just replenish dairy and produce and keep the purchasing to a minimum.

And yes, I keep a gallon of milk in the freezer and extra toilet paper around, just to be safe!

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  1. I don't mind the snow, it's the ice I hate. I need a clear path to the grocery store. And please let the electricity stay on. I don't want to dry my hair in the car or haul clothes to the public laundrymat again.