Monday, January 25, 2010

Forget 'Leggo my Eggo'; Where is my Eggo?

I was reading my Readers Digest a few days ago and read something that really is important in this world. Forget all the politics and world news, I read that Eggo waffles are in short supply! This explained a problem that has been getting worse and worse over the last few months.

You see, at least once a week, I like to have waffles for breakfast. I am a big breakfast eater. My grandpa was the same way, my grandma would say "I hope the Lord doesn't come back in the morning or Glenn will make him wait around until he eats breakfast!" I know how he feels, nothing is more irritating than an empty stomach in the morning! I refuse to send my kids off anywhere without at least something in their stomachs. Sometimes, they beg for cereal!

I like variety so usually our week goes like this; microwave omelets at least once, cinnamon rolls or waffles, oatmeal with fruit, scrambled eggs and cereal. Confession time: I don't usually purchase the Eggo brand, I purchase the Best Choice brand probably made in the Eggo plant.

Years ago, I traveled with my husband in business and we would go into a lot of food processing plants. There are some brands I still will not eat because of this! Gerber baby food was the cleanest plant I ever visited. It also smelled the best because the day I was there they were processing fruit! Anyway, I learned that most plants would produce several different brands by just changing out the labels in the machine. That's why so many off brands have the same can or jar as the national brands.

I buy Best Choice whole grain waffles. Back in November or so I noticed that they always seemed to be out of them. So when I did find them, I would buy 6 or so boxes thinking I was beating out that other person who liked to buy all my waffles! Did I mention I'm pretty competitive? I say I belong to AA - Athletics Anonymous; don't ask why I had to go...lets just say I embarrassed myself in front of my friends and my pastor at a church league softball game about 20 years ago!

Well, anyway, I had quite a little stockpile going for a while but everytime I would go to a grocery store I would look for more but the waffles began to be scarcer and scarcer! Last week, my normal store had none! I began to ration our waffle eating like a crazy woman! No more than once a week!

I researched on the internet and back in November the plant that produces most of the waffles for eggo and apparently best choice since those are gone also, had a bacteria outbreak or something. The readers digest said it was an equipment error, the internet said bacteria. Don't know which it is, don't care. I just want my waffles back!

I am now reduced to serving cinnamon rolls or pancakes for breakfast. My syrup is getting lonely. Please Kellogg's get this worked out, you're putting a crimp in my day!

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