Friday, January 8, 2010

Reason I moved to Oklahoma!

Good grief! It's colder than blue blazes out there this morning. I remember why I moved back down south, I'm a big weinie when it comes to cold. I always say I'd rather be cold than hot because you can always put on more clothes but I think I'm mistaken. There comes a point when you can't put on enough clothes to be warm! I generally do like Oklahoma's climate but this morning I can't help but thinking about the people who lived in sod huts out here 100 years ago, they were really tough. I would have packed it in and moved further south!

I'm thinking about the phrases we say in different parts of the country today. Colder than blue blazes being one of them. As a former science teacher, I know that the blue flame in a bunsen burner is actually the best, hottest flame so why do we say 'colder than blue blazes'? Where does that come from?

I come from a long line of phrase users, it must be a southern thing. My dad's favorite saying is, 'better than a sharp stick in the eye'. He says that when you aren't really pleased with what you're getting. Like a bologna sandwich instead of a ham sandwich. I use that phrase a lot around my kids, 'hey, you don't want sausage pizza, well, it's better than a sharp stick in the eye!' Almost anything is better than a sharp stick in the eye, except maybe a dull stick, not that it would matter. Any stick in the eye would put your eye out and hurt like the dickens! (whatever dickens are is beyond me!)

Here's a short list of crazy phrases that I use on a day-to-day basis:
don't look a gift horse in the mouth
bigger than dallas
crazy as a bedbug
hungry as a horse
lazy as my son - oh, wait, that's not a crazy phrase, that's true! Ha!

Oh well, bless someone today with a gift of service!

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