Friday, February 26, 2010

Cleaning out closets - part four!

Today, you'll need to gather up the kids and do the same for the dresser drawers as you did yesterday! If you have un-normal kids, you could do these two days together but I've met very few kids who will allow you to do this all day long. I would need therapy if I attempted it!

Again, go through every piece of clothing and donate or toss. Tossing is generally reserved for my son's clothes, very few pieces get put in the donate or hand-me-down pile because they are usually too stained or worn out! Usually only church clothes get passed on to someone else!

Go through shoes also. I have them try on every pair they own including snowboots and sandals. My daughter has a lot of shoes. It's a female thing in our family. We like shoes. We would go without eating to buy a new pair of shoes. She doesn't like to part with any pair ever. A dog chewed one of a pair of flip-flops last year at her grandparents house and she wanted to keep the remaining flip-flop because she might need it! For what I will never know. Maybe if she grows another leg, or if a dog chews a different flip-flop pair.

Off topic, are you old enough to remember when we used to call them thongs? Well, that is another perfectly decent word that this younger generation has ruined for us. When I say thongs, my kids completely come unglued! Well, I wear thongs on my feet! Not in my bum! I'm ready for that trend to die a quick, painful death!

I also make them try on their jackets and coats. If I think they will be too small next fall, I put that on my get-it-on-sale list.

If you've made it this far without losing your mind...give yourself a break tonight and order pizza!

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