Friday, February 19, 2010

One thing I can control!

I have long ago given up trying to control the things around me. I stopped setting long term goals because I realized that my goals were not necessarily God's goals and sometimes I just got too ahead of myself! I have also stopped trying to be little miss perfect in my housework. I used to kill myself attempting to have a perfect house and I have decided that sometimes, good enough is good enough!

A good mentor friend once told me that 'if you want it perfect, do it yourself; if you want help, learn it doesn't have to be perfect'. Teaching children, and sometimes husbands, is a good example of this in action. So what if the bed is not made with hospital corners, is it tucked in? Then that's good enough. So what if the underwear is not exactly folded, yes I fold underwear, as long as it is somewhat folded, who cares?

After saying all this, I will say that there is one thing I do try to control in my life. I like a clean kitchen sink! I do not like dishes sitting around the sink, I do not like stains and gross gunk in my sink. When I worked full-time, I cleaned my sink before I went to bed and then again in the morning. That way, when I got home to start dinner the area around my sink would be clean and ready to go.

I also look outside at my sink often. It is so nice for me to go look out and see a sparkling sink. Even if the rest of my world is cluttered and dirty, the sink is clean! I know it's not much but I'll be there is something that you do to maintain order in you're mind! That's about the only place where there is order now days!

Give yourself a break today and stop nagging yourself!

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