Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cleaning out closets - part three!

Today, I'm beginning to tackle the kids closets! Now, I have two children so this takes a while. I take a saturday or day off from school to start this project. The first thing I do is have the kid try on anything that I think will be too small next fall. This takes a special day, so plan a day when they are in a good mood, or promise them a trip to Sonic or an ice cream afterward! I'm all for bribery on this project!

Anything that is too small now or going to be in the fall needs to be donated or handed down. If it is to be handed down in your family, put it in a plastic container for storage. I label the size and season on the outside of the box and put it in my attic. That way, next fall, you can pull it down and see what you need before you shop!

That will probably take about half a day if your kids are like mine. Getting my daughter to try on clothes is no big deal, getting her to part with the outgrown stuff is no big deal when she realizes that she's going to go shopping for new stuff, getting her to get it done in a timely manner is a BIG deal because she gets sidetracked like her old mom and starts putting new outfits together!

Getting my son to do any of it requires threats, shouts and finally bribes. He doesn't like to try on clothes or shop so this is a sad day for him. He's totally happy to order things off the internet! It does help me though because I know what size he is moving out of and into. This helps me because I can shop the end-of-season sales for items he will need next fall.

After you accomplish this not small task, congratulate yourself, have a piece of chocolate and go lay down!

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