Friday, February 5, 2010

Springtime gardening dreams

I'm thinking about spring and gardening. Between the snows, I went outside and my daffodils are already breaking through the soil. It always amazes me to see those little green shoots reaching for the sun! It also jars me into the realization that soon, I'll be digging in the dirt planting my gardens, OH JOY!!!

I love to garden and be outside. I'm not too proud to say that my housekeeping gets pushed to the side when the days begin to get longer and warmer. I am already planning my outside chores. February, for me in Oklahoma, means starting my tomato and pepper plants. I usually plant around Valentine's Day and begin to set them outside during the day starting in March to harden off before puttin them into the garden in April. I am busy gazing at the seed catelogs and buying my favorite seeds. To save money, I do save seeds from year to year. I probably have enough zinnia seeds to seed all of my county! But zinnias bring butterflies and I love butterflies!

I plant a food garden, a butterfly garden and generally have lots and lots of flowers. Green things calm me and pulling weeds actually keeps me sane. I pray, sing and talk to the plants and living creatures in the garden. I have introduced my children to the love of science and the love of God's wonder looking at my garden. I learn that even when I try to control everything perfectly, sometimes things happen and it doesn't work out. I learn that sometimes it doesn't work out for me but something else is benefiting from the failure I feel. I learn that learning from failure will lead to future successes. I learn that the world is not always centered around me and those around me. I learn that prepartion is key. I learn that hard work is sometimes rewarded and sometimes being in the right place at the right time is being rewarded. Most of all, I learn that I am not in control!

If you are still snowed in for the winter, it's not to early to begin planning for spring. It sure makes the day seem less gloomy when you're inside dreaming of those sunny days in the garden!

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