Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cleaning out closets!

I am starting to think about spring cleaning this week as I've seen a story on the news about the Goodwill being really short on donations because of snowstorms, haiti disasters and generally most of us being too lazy to clean out the closets and drag our stuff down there in the winter. Well, it's time for my family to start putting away the things we no longer wear or use and cleaning out for new things!

It dawned on me about three years ago, that I could probably go the rest of my life without purchasing any piece of clothing again. Except underwear and socks, they actually get worn out. I guess it's because they get worn more often in the rotation, I don't have umpteen pairs of underwear like I do everything else! I have really been watchful the last couple of years to only try to replace things as they wear out.

I went through my husbands closet about the same time I had this epiphany and realized he was in the same boat. We had enough t-shirts with adds and sports team logos to outfit the Duggers, they're the family that has nineteen kids and still adding more daily. I donated about half of them to the Goodwill and still had enough to fill two dresser drawers. Now I choose one or two to wear all summer and throw them away at the end of the season because even the Goodwill wouldn't want the rag!

I challenge you this season to get in those closets and get rid of things that don't fit, don't look good enough to wear out, and you don't wear. Donate those items to a charity that could use them. Keep a running total for your taxes and make room in your closets!

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