Monday, February 15, 2010


In our morning devotional at breakfast this morning, we read about God answering prayers. As I read Hebrews 11:1-10, I began to think about how we go about praying. The devotional was about how God sometimes answers our prayers by giving us the ability or strength, that He doesn't just make a miracle happen. Like God giving doctors the ability to diagnose and treat people instead of just doing what we would call a miracle.

I think back to the joke about the man on the roof in a flood. He was praying for God to save him, but when a boat and a helicopter both offered, he waved them off saying, 'God would save him'. Well, he died and when he asked God why He didn't produce a miracle to save him, God answered, 'Man, I sent a boat and a helicopter, what more did you want?'

In our modern age, I sometimes forget just how blessed by God we are in our everyday lives. So many of the things I take for granted would be miracles to those alive hundreds of years ago. We can replace corneas, knees, veins and parts of the heart. We replace skin, put hair where it wasn't and suck out fat. We save children that were born too early and people who lived far too reckless by destroying their bodies with substances. How many times a day do I witness God's miracles and never once say 'thank you'? It would embarrass me to know.

I remember when I was in a developmental biology class in college. It became apparent to me that it was a miracle everytime a baby was born. To start with one cell and end up with over a million cells in the human body working perfectly, each doing the job it was purposed for, well if that is not a miracle then what is?

Miracles aren't just found in parting the seas or bringing the dead to life. Sometimes the greatest miracles are found around us, using those around us and if we are tuned into Him, possibly us.

Tune into God today and be a miracle for someone!

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