Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday and St. Patrick's Day

Thirteen years ago today, my life changed.....for the better.  Thirteen years ago about noon, my daughter entered this world!  She is such a precious gift and my husband and I love her to death!  Our precious daughter and son are adopted so we realize everyday how much we've been blessed because they are obvious gifts from not only God, but from two very loving, selfless birthmothers.

Our birthmothers and their families have always been dear to my heart.  I look at them as extended family members who love my kids too.  I feel really blessed to be part of their families too.  We were put together under circumstances that were both happy and sad but blended us forever, sharing the love of one little person. My kids have always known that there were adopted.  It's just always been part of their story, our story, of how we became a family.

Today, as I prepare the cake and wrap the presents, I think of my daughter's precious birth family.    That special family that gave my husband and I the special task to raise her to become an adult.  It's an awesome task, being a parent, no matter how the child came to you.  It's scary as they begin to grow up and away because forces beyond your four walls begin to influence your child more and more.  I hope and pray the foundation we have laid are going to stand strong during this turbulent time in our children's lives. 

Thirteen is an exciting year for my daughter, she's finally a teenager! She's having a family dinner tonight and a big slumber party next friday night with her gang or gaggle, depending on who you ask!  The boys are leaving that night for grandma's...something about too much estrogen....    Tonight, we're just keeping her for us........ 

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