Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break Week!

Gotta love teaching....during spring break!  This week is spring break in Oklahoma. I'm so glad.  It worked out wonderfully that this was also spring forward week, I don't do so well losing an hour of sleep.  It seems to take me two weeks to recover!  I never have this problem with the fall back part of the cycle.  My body happily accepts gaining an hour but I really have a hard time springing forward.

Of course, the first part of spring break has been cold and rainy.  Oh well, I needed a chance to recover from my garden overload over the weekend!  My daughter and I cleaned out all the flower beds, remulched and raked leaves.  Most of my plants seemed to have made it through the long, cold, cold, snowy winter we had.  I don't know about blooms yet but I'll give up those if they will just live!

Gardening with someone else makes it much more fun and easier.  You can work as a team, I raked, she blowed with the leaf blower.  I picked up leaves, sticks, etc, she wheeled the wheel-barrow down to the compost pile.  We laughed and took drink breaks, something I never do when I'm working alone.  I am still a little sore but nothing like when I work by myself.  I also hope I'm giving her my love of gardening and some basic knowledge of plants.  She isn't so excited about it now.....maybe when she buys her first place, some of that knowledge will come in handy.

Vegetable gardening is starting for me in earnest this week also.  By the end of the week, it's supposed to be back in the seventy's so I'm starting my lettuce, spinach and potatoes.  I'm planning to put up my wall-o-waters so maybe I'll get my tomatoes in next week.

Since it's still Oklahoma, I'm waiting patiently for that last snowfall we always seem to get sometime in late March or early April.  I can stand it, spring is really starting to take hold so winter has to be on it's way out!  It's time to put away the snow shovel and get out the garden tools!

So I won't be spending my spring break out on a beach somewhere, I'll just spend it on my little Ponderosa readying it for spring.  We're so close to finishing the new building project that I'm getting antsy anyway and next friday night is the big '13' slumber party, we've still got to get everything ready to go.  I just don't have time to lay on a beach!

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