Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reading...Oklahoma style!

I've just discovered an Oklahoma author that I love!  Her name is Billie Letts.  We went to the library over spring break and I just grabbed a few books to read.  I don't normally have a plan, I just wander around and pull out books. I grabbed a couple of hers and then a book in the new fiction section.  It was a mystery and I started it as soon as I got home. 

I often wonder what type of woman reads those novels with the 'F' word every other line.  This book was supposed to be a light mystery read about a realtor that finds a dead body in a house she listed.  Well, I slogged through about three chapters until I couldn't read anymore.  It was just embarrassing!  I put it away to take back and picked up one of the Billie Letts books. 

It was so refreshing to read a book with no bad words and actually had a redeeming story line!  'The Honk and Holler Opening Soon' was an easy read and I enjoyed it very much.  So much, that I finished it and the other book over spring break!  After the second book, I looked at the jacket to see where the author lived and was blown away to find that she was an Okie!  No wonder I liked her so much!  Both books were set in Oklahoma but that doesn't necessarily mean that the author lives in Oklahoma. 

I went back this week to pick up a few more books for my daughter and also picked up two more of her books.  This time, I picked one up that said 'Oprah's book club' on the cover....have I been living under a rock?  We have an Oklahoma author that was a Oprah's book club author?  I kind of missed out on Oprah's book club reading because I was simply too busy raising kids and driving them all over the country or county.

Well, I'm sitting down tonight and starting my third Billie Letts book.  I've been putting it off because I know that once I start, not much will go on around here until I finish the book....

Well, Billie Letts, you have a new fan....I know, it took me a while. Thanks for writing true fiction without trying to be gross, stupid or using curse words every other line.  You're making Oklahoma look really, really good!

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