Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting away....

My husband and I took off a little early last weekend and flew to San Francisco.  He was speaking at a conference so he flew out early and I took a couple days off work and flew out to vacation.  We are blessed to have grandparents that live in town so we can do that every now and then.  Every now and then has been exactly three or four times in the eleven years we've lived here!  We get so busy and we both hate leaving the kids, but as they've gotten older, it's gotten easier to sneak off for a few days.

It's odd when we travel without the kids.  We both miss them, we really do but it takes me back to a time before kids(I call it bk) when we did things together all the time, just us.  See, we're one of those couples that were a couple for a long time before we became a quartet.  We really enjoyed each others company then and we still do now.  I'm Lucy to his Ricky.  No, really, I am Lucy.  I tend to get over-excited and bite off much more than I can chew.  He's more laid back and is the worker.  I'm the dreamer, he's the finisher. 

They say couples get more alike the longer they stay together, I don't see that.  I think we have become more polar opposite, so we balance each other out.  I think of marriage as a teeter-totter.  Since I'm so off-center, he's had to adapt to more off-center in the other direction; more organized, more stable, less fly by the seat of his pants.  I find I get more absent minded professor each day. 

I think a lot of it is the everyday stress of having two very busy active teenagers.  One a given day, my cell phone may have three to five alarms set so I can just know where I am supposed to be!  It was nice to be free for a few days from that, although my mother-in-law may hate me when I get back! She gets to do the running for a few days!  I love that woman! 

It's nice to be free from the hustle-bustle for a few days, but by the time we headed to the airport yesterday, we were ready to be parents of our kids again.  Got the souvenirs for the kids.  Promised them that next time, they could come with us.  We'll probably bring them to the Pacific Northwest this summer.  There's a redwood forest calling my name, and a temperate rain forest, and some awesome waterfalls and hiking trails.  I couldn't imagine having those experiences without them in tow.....San Francisco, nay, that's just for my man and me!

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