Monday, March 21, 2011

So Tired!

Ohhhh! I am sooo tired! It's the first day back from spring break....and I'm dragging.  I'm so glad that it's pick up pizza night tonight on the menu.  Sometimes, I really do a good job planning! sometimes, not so much! This week, I have a few tried and true menus planned so it's easy since I'm so busy!

Tonight, we're having pizza from Mazzio's, they have a pick-up special so I'm picking up.  Tomorrow, it's pancake and ham night with frozen blackberries from the garden.  I bought the ham and eggs for the pancakes with coupons on sale and will make from scratch pancakes.  So dinner is only a few bucks!  Wednesday is eat at church night! I love Wednesdays, I get to see my friends and chat, and I don't have to cook.  Bonus!  Thursday is my husbands birthday night so I'm crockpot cooking pork tenderloin, wild rice pilaf and salad with strawberry jello cake. That's his favorite. 

Friday, well friday is my daughter's slumber party! The boys are taking off to grandma's! She hasn't decided on pizza or hamburgers...but we're having veggies, dip, apples, grapes and marble cupcakes!  I don't thing anybody cares what the entree will be, they are having cupcakes with pink and black zebra cupcake liners.

Anyway, we've got the menu planned, the invites are being delivered today, the new family room will be ready for the girls, we may not have it completely done but the tv, the wii and the foosball table will be hooked up. They are all ready and really excited.....I am going to bed with ear plugs in that night.....I'm tired already!

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