Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pancake night!

I love pancake night! last night, I fired up the old griddle, took some ham slices and frozen blueberries out of the freezer and served up a great pancake night!  I had to make a double batch of pancakes and there were only a few left.  I'm hoping that I can eat the leftovers tomorrow for lunch if my husband doesn't find them for breakfast first!

Pancake night is a quick, economical dinner that my kids love.  I use coupons on the ham and eggs that make the pancakes.  I use an old recipe from a Better Homes cookbook that I bought when I first got married.  The fruit I serve is cheap or free because I pick blackberries in the summer and have a blueberry patch that I buy a bunch from in the summer and put up to freeze.  So for me, pancake night is an easy, inexpensive way for me to be a hit!

I'm not cooking tonight because our church has a dinner on Wednesday's and we eat there. I love Wednesday's!  It costs me twelve dollars and I don't have to cook it.  I'm already planning Thursday's meal because my husband is turning forty-seven!  Wow! He's getting old....I'm making grilled pork tenderloin, wild rice and a tomato salad.  I'm also making his favorite jello strawberry cake.  He and my daughter fought about which one would get the cake since she's having the slumber party on friday.  She finally gave in since it's really not her birthday and she'll get to eat the cake too.  Dad however, has decided that he and my son are finding somewhere else to be on friday night.  don't know why!  Seven thirteen year old girls, my two nieces I've volunteered to babysit, and me, a perimenopausel woman! Oh joy! It's so exciting I can hardly wait!

It's going to be a great week!

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