Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to School

We haven't officially started school yet, that starts next week, but my son has started his exercise program (PE) for the fall.  He grumped quite a bit about starting a week early but that's the way the program runs and since I had to pay for a full month, he started!

He's mainly doing cycling at the rec center close to our house.  Once he begins to get in cardiovascular shape, he'll start more weight training.  He's now fourteen so using weights will begin to build muscle mass.  I've also committed to not having as much junk food around.  I and my daughter don't eat it but my husband and son do and they are the ones that are showing it!  My husband is going to be starting working out in the evenings with my son.  He's going to be doing two a days for a while to whip him back into shape!

Our mealtimes are usually healthy things but it seems that between meals and drink choices are what is killing both of them.  Those are going to change because they are both too lazy to go and get bad food choices so if I don't bring it into the house, it won't get eaten. 

I am a bit worried about this because I have never worried about my weight.  I pretty much eat what I want and stay around 115 pounds.  That's twenty pounds heavier than when I got married but I figure a pound a year isn't too bad.  Plus, when I drop under about 110 pounds, the doctor looks at me with a frown.  My downfall is salt and Braum's German chocolate ice cream.  My husband has promised me that he'll take me out for ice cream, my daughter calls it broccoli, at Braum's when I need it. 

I'll keep you posted on the two men in my life and their exercise program.  I can be pretty hardheaded about things sometimes and keeping them both healthy is one hill I'm willing to die on!

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