Thursday, August 5, 2010

Garden Update: TOMATOES!

I'll be canning tomatoes today.  Got lots and lots of them.  I planted several different varieties so I'd have a long season.  Last week, while I was gone to church camp, my wonderful husband and daughter took care of picking the garden for me.  They put the tomatoes in the fridge for me so I could can this week.  I don't normally keep my tomatoes in the fridge as it ruins the flavor but when you can them it doesn't seem to effect the flavor and I can store them longer.

I'll be running the tomatoes through my strainer/mixer.  It will take off the skin and seeds so I'll be left with pulp.  To the pulp, I'll add garlic and minced onion.  I'll cook this down a little and pressure can the jars for storage.  This winter, that basic sauce will be great over hamburger steak.  My husband loves this meal with rice.  His grandma and grandpa would make it when he went to visit.  I like it because it's quick, easy, frugal and healthy for my family! 

I'll also be drying my basil this week and making pesto.  I'll post the pesto recipe I use later in the week when I actually pull it out to use.  I will freeze the pesto into individual serving sizes to serve with cooked noodles.  My pantry and freezer are filling up quickly for winter!  I am ready! This heat is killing me!

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