Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Confession Time

Ok, so I've not been real motivated the last week or so.  I've had a lot going on with Falls Creek and my dad being in the hospital.  I'm actually ready for school to start back up! I'm ready to get back into a routine. 

My husband and I decided that I wouldn't go back to work this fall.  He finally conceded that he really did like me being at home full-time.  It really relieved the stress from the family.  He's been traveling more with his new position and it makes it much easier when someone is home full-time to look after things.  I have to admit, it suprised me quite a bit how much I am enjoying being at home.  I really thought that I would get bored but so far that hasn't happened.  We've been incredibly blessed by God since we made the decision to make the change.  I haven't noticed a drop in our income, partly because I am a much better steward of the money and partly because my husband's income seemed to go up when I quit.  We do give glory to God for the blessings. 

We will be starting a building/remodeling project in a few weeks that will take a lot of my time to oversee.  We are basically building a new garage and turning the old one into a man/teen cave that will be able to have the kind of parties that we host in the summer.  We'll also be giving each child a larger closet and another bathroom that will be handicap accessible in case, in a few years, we have a parent living with us.  My husband and I figured me not working this year while we are building will go a long way to aleviate the stress!

I am ready for school to start next week.  My daughter is going to start a new school here closer to our home.  She has many friends so it won't be a real shock.  She's so excited to start!  My son is doing a virtual school this year.  Both he and I are excited to begin the program.  I will still be his day-to-day teacher but he will be turning in work online and will be doing state testing. 

I'm ready to know what I'm going to be doing on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I get into a routine pretty quickly and this summer, its just been crazy.  Each week, is different, each day, in fact is different.  I'm ready to settle back down into a cozy routine.........

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