Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School!

This is it! The first day of school! So exciting, new school for the daughter, new program for the son.  Finally getting back to a schedule for me!  I took pictures by the flowerbed that I've always do.  It is amazing how much bigger both of the kids have grown and the how the flowerbed has changed over the years. 

Different hairstyles, different styles of clothes, bigger and bigger shoes!  It's always amazing what outfits my kids choose for the first day of school.  My daughter, who is in her own right a self-proclaimed fashionista, makes her choice weeks in advance and changes it every other day until the night before.  She wants to show everybody how nice she can dress.  My son, who would still be letting me choose his clothes if I would, simply reaches into his closet or floor for something that would pass for clean. 

Yesterday, my daughter was still agonizing over which jeans to wear, looked at my son and said, 'you're lucky you're doing homeschool this year, you don't have to choose what to wear on the first day of school!'  My son, never one to miss an opportunity to be sarcastic to his sister, I think he got that from dad...never from me, said, 'I never chose what I was going to wear to the first day of school when I went to school! I just grabbed whatever!'  She audibly gasped in horror.  To think that he didn't even plan his wardrobe!

Hopefully, she'll have a great day! We went and got the schedule well in advance and took a tour of the school.  She already has many friends that will be there to help her and she even got to meet a few of her teachers.  I dropped her off this morning with a smile and a wave and DID NOT walk her in! I have great faith that she'll do well.  Middle school is tough but my daughter is better than most!

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