Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ready for Fall!

I was dragging the hose around last night watering my flowers and I realized that these poor flowers were probably as ready for fall as I was!  They have worked so hard all spring and summer producing beautiful foliage and flowers and now they were tired and worn out and ready to take a long nap. The flowers are beginning to look ragged, the leaves that were so bright and green this spring have taken on a dull green and sometimes yellow cast.  That's the way I feel when I've worked all day and simply need a rest.  Those poor plants need a good long winters rest!

I am beginning to look into my pantry for fall preparations.  My kids and I were discussing all the foods we would begin to eat when it began to get a bit cooler.  Soups, breads, apples, pancake nights were all on the list. I cook seasonally, as you remember from earlier blogging, so those things were kicked out about April as spring and summer fruits and veggies began to appear. Now, we've eaten those things we were so excited about in April enough that our palates are ready to move on into heartier fall fare.  Because of this, I'm peering into the pantry so I can restock with those staples of fall.  I'm beginning to buy up things to make soup and using the last of certain things that we usually only eat in the summer. 

Of course, here in Oklahoma, we still have at least a month of summer weather left but I can begin to see the end.  Just like the plants, I am growing weary of all the sun and fun.  Give me a cloudy, rainy September day so I can rake leaves or a crystal clear October day with the sky that certain October blue that you won't see in July so I can sit around the bonfire and roast a marshmellow.  I'm ready!  I love the different seasons and welcome each one with open arms!

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