Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Today is my husbands birthday! He's a whopping 45 years old. I always tease him that he's soooo much older than me but really he's only three years older. To my children, that's a lot of years! They can't imagine marrying someone that much older!

It did seem ridiculus when I was twelve but as I got older and went to college, age didn't seem to matter anymore. It is funny how things that were so strange became so unstrange as I got older. Some other things that seemed strange when I was young that don't seem so strange anymore:

Going to bed without being asked and being glad to do it.
Turning down dessert because I'm just too full.
Working in the garden or yard and being excited about it!
Telling someone how cheap I bought my (you fill in the blank here) and being darn proud of how much I saved!

I could go on and on..things I was embarressed about that my parents did now seem perfectly normal. Oh, the pleasure of growing up!

The family is having a party for him this weekend with probably some steaks on the grill, if it's not snowing again! Last saturday, I had them on the menu but it snowed about six inches. I put them into the freezer and will get them out if the temperature is above freezing. You never know in Oklahoma!

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