Friday, March 19, 2010

Iced Tea

I'm a southern girl. That should be enough for you to understand some basic things about me. My momma told me never to go out in public without lipstick. Even if it's just outside to pick the garden. Even if I'm still wearing sweat pants and haven't brushed my teeth.

I always offer visitors to my home something to eat and drink and if I don't have what you want, I'll offer to make it. Even if you are just the next door neighbor.

I can through a party together in about fifteen minutes. I keep everything on hand and ready. I don't want to miss an opportunity to have a good party because I don't have paper plates!

I'll always have iced tea made beside the sink. It's not that sun tea stuff either. It's the real boil and steep kind. I don't sweeten it, I'm not a fan of sweet tea. But if I go to your house and that's what you serve, I'll drink it all and swear I like sweet tea just fine. And if you come to my house, I'll have every kind of sweetener there is so you can choose.

That's what southerners do, we are polite. We will lie straight to your face just to be polite. Here on my blog, I am not going to be polite today. I am going to rant about iced tea. I like my tea straight black or in my case, green. Nothing fancy, no pear, no honey, no natural sugar or unnatural sweetener, no whatcha-cal-achino stuff that has more calories than a milkshake. If I wanted a milkshake, I'd go to Braums and order a milkshake, thank you very much! I just want a glass of straight iced tea! And I want it in a glass, a real glass too! I like to drink out of a real glass, not plastic, not paper.

I'm sure some of you like that froo-froo tea that's being marketed out there today. I'm happy for you but if I come to your house, please have some plain old iced tea, thank you very much!

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