Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

'Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height. Let's go fly a kite and keep it soaring. Up through the atmosphere, upwhere the air is clear, come let's go fly a kite!'

My favorite song in Disney's Mary Poppins is 'Let's go fly a kite'. I like all the songs actually, I know them all by heart and have since kindergarten or before. I used to get into trouble during nap time for laying on my carpet pad and singing. I wasn't tired so I didn't need a nap, especially at 10 o'clock in the MORNING! Good grief, we were only there two and a half hours, it wasn't like we ran the entire time!

Anyway, getting off topic again, back to flying a kite. In our world of giant-sized, cookie-cutter houses on postage stamp sized lots, I think our kids have lost the joy of kite flying. I remember as a kid, one of the best things about spring was getting outside in the windy days of March and flying a kite! It was pure spring!

I've always taken my kids out, let them choose a kite and watched their faces as that kite begins to lift up, up, up into the sky! The last ten years, we've been blessed to live on four acres with two acres being almost totally open prairie land. I like it and don't plan to put any trees on it. I have finally talked my husband into not mowing all of it like a golf course but instead sowing native prairie flowers on it. He likes birds, I like butterflies; I used the angle that it would bring in both. I was right, it does!

Today as I'm looking out my window toward the road and over my little piece of prairie ponderosa, I'm thinking this afternoon will be a good day to fly a kite. I've always got a few ready, I buy them when they are on sale in June! Over the years, we've moved up to bigger kites, no more are we using those flimsy plastic ones that can't stand up to the Oklahoma wind sweeping off the plains. We've got the good ones, the ones that will go as far as your string or patience will let you. The ones that will knock you for a loop if you let it get out of control and come crashing down! Know that from experience, you can not outrun a kite on a mission!

Take your kids or just yourself out to fly a kite today. Enjoy the emerging green that is happening all around us. This is the day that the Lord hath made! Rejoice and go fly a kite!

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