Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting a grip on spring cleaning

I've been working like a mad woman inside my house to get it in shape for spring. Cleaning is good exercise and I play a little game with myself to keep me motivated. If I will super clean for about an hour each day, I can forgo my exercise. I mean get to sweating cleaning, not light dusting. I hate, hate, hate to actually exercise but heavy cleaning or gardening doesn't seem like exercise to me! I can work outside from dawn till dusk hauling, digging, mowing, pulling weeds and such, just so I don't have to do any actually exercising. I think it's because I get bored doing the same things over and over.

One thing I've been doing is oiling all the wood in my home. I have a lot of wood. My doors are wood, there is paneling, the cabinetry, the baseboards, etc. I started so vigorously that I could hardly lift my arms for two days! I decided to pace myself by mapping out what I would do each day. I envisioned myself working out my legs by putting oil on my socks, laying in the floor and rubbing the paneling with my feet! That should work out those leg muscles! I'm thinking it might also moisturize my feet as well.

The oiling is almost done, I have one area left this week. That's good because my seedlings are coming up and pretty soon, the garden will be calling me. I am beginning to rake the flowerbeds clean and am dreaming of daffodils blooming!

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