Monday, March 29, 2010

Springing the Dog!

Well, we got up the other day and no Kate, the big black dog! She was gone, officially AWOL. I had a sneaky suspicion as to with who and where she had gone. We have a dog in the neighborhood who comes to visit and play and then leads her off into trouble. At night, we put her on a sixty foot lead cord so she'll stay out of trouble. She managed to remove her collar and run for sweet freedom!

My son was distraught. Try homeschooling when your dog is gone! So, like a good mom, I loaded him up and we scoured the neighborhoods. Nothing. I knew she wasn't in the neighborhoods because the other dogs weren't barking until we got out and began yelling at the top of our lungs. That night, we all went to bed with heavy hearts. People around here shoot big black dogs running loose.

I got up the next morning and called the city pound, hoping, just hoping that she'd gotten herself picked up by 'the man'. The nice lady on the phone said, 'why yes we have a big black german shephard, she's so sweet!' Sweet! Did she call my dog, who got herself put in the pokie, SWEET! We jumped into the car to spring her!

Well, she was embarrassed, I think. She peed all over the place when she saw us jumping for joy. It was a long ride home with a very happy boy and a deliriously happy dog. I think she knew she had misbehaved badly.

She's home now. Hopefully, her wild oats have been sown and now she'll just be happy to hang around guarding her own little territory.

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